Chefs @ Rival Foods

Rival Foods develops, produces and sells plant-based protein food products that provide unique value for gastronomy markets such as restaurants, hotels and catering. The unique product offering results from the unique process offered by Rival Foods, enabling the creation of large, fibrous, juicy slabs of plant-based whole-cuts that rival the cooking and eating experience offered by traditional animal protein.

In order to achieve the best possible results Rival Foods works together with chefs and food professionals to search for the most promising ingredients, recipes and process conditions that results in revolutionary market-leading products.

To initiate interations on the early-stage prototypes Rival Foods hosts chef’s sessions on a regular basis. In these sessions chefs and food professionals are invited to experience our products, test cooking techniques and create own (plant-based) dishes, providing very tasty results so far!

In case you are a chef or food professional, and you like to work with our products, feel free to get in touch!