Meet the Team


Rival Foods has a small team that works every day passionately to craft protein foods that you know and love. Within Rival Foods, collaboration is key. We highly value the magic that we create together in our work, as well as the daily walks for fresh air during the break and the fun on and off work.
Our company is rapidly growing, so we are looking for new colleagues! Take a look at our careers page and we look forward to getting to know you!

Our careers  

Birgit Dekkers

Ernst Breel

Matthijs van Alfen
Product Developer

Tim Meuleman
Product Developer

Ellen van der Sanden
Product Developer

Rozemarijn Vringer
Process Developer

Laurens Kroon
Process Engineer

Jort Zwiers
Lead Engineer

Dave van der Stoel
Mechanical Engineer

Matthew Eich
Mechanical Engineer


Richard Klink
Business Developer


Sabine Poelmann
Marketing Manager







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Rival Foods provides unique specialties to chefs and food professionals to create high-quality plant-based whole-cuts, without compromising on texture, juiciness and taste.
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