Open positions

Rival Foods is currently looking for talent to join us on our mission to create the next generation culinary plant-based foods. If you think you can add to the team but a vacancy is not listed? Just send your CV and motivation to We look forward to meet you! 

ShearCell Rival Foods

Food Process Engineer

Full Time – The production process we use is unique in the field. As a food process engineer you will comprehend and improve this process by investigating relations between ingredients, processing parameters and products properties guided by your knowledge of (plant) protein functionality and food processing.

Shear Cell machine

Mechanical Engineer

Full Time – Our products are enabled by a unique technology new to the field of food production. With a prototype system ready, we are ready to scale up our technology. Are you in for a mechanical engineering challenge, do you like to convert your energy into real-world solutions and do you know your way around stainless steel CAD design, simulation and engineering? This might be the job for you!

Rival Foods Shear Cell


Part- or Full Time – The Rival Foods labs and machinery park is rapidly expanding, and operations become more professional. As technician you ensure our R&D and operations equipment runs smoothly, assist in operations, assist in improving equipment and manage suppliers and logistics in the labs.

Operations specialist

Full Time – Do you like to have operations running smoothly? Rival Foods is gearing up its operations in the coming year, and has a position for an operations specialist to set up our production processes, logistics, compliance and protocols. Finally, you’ll be producing the world’s first commercially available plant-based whole cut products!


Business Developer

Full Time – Our customers navigate in the fast-paced market of plant-basd protein alternatives. Rival Foods offers a one-of-a-kind solution to B2B customers, and prepares to sign high-volume contracts. Are you comfortable navigating complex DMU’s and know how to get deals on the table that makes everyone a winner? Then we are looking for you!

Finance specialist

Full Time – As part of our growth, financing fulfills a critical step in the process. Rival Foods is in the early stages of development and to reach commercial scale additional funds are required. Do you know how to create and optimize a companies financial structure and navigate the world of philantropy, subsidies, banks and VC’s? This might be your shot at creating maximum impact with your skills.


Business, marketing & communication internships – open application

Rival Foods is a young company where a difference can be made in many people’s lives. to ensure our message reaches our target customers, we always have opportunities for business, marketing & communication interns to gain experience in the fast-paced world of plant-based protein. We look forward to receive your open application!

Rival Foods World Food Center

Scientific internships – open application

Rival Foods is a science-driven company driven by a highly interdisciplinary team. We love scientific research and translating this into real world solutions that touch many people’s lives. We have possibilities for scientific internships on a regular basis. Interested in working with us? Send us your open application and you’ll hear from us soon!

Rival Foods Dish

Food internships – open application

Being a new company that manufactures completely new products using a new technology, Rival Foods is constantly developing new products, product concepts and product applications. We are always on the lookout for creative food specialists that are motivated to make plant-based products a culinary success!

december 14, 2016