Our Mission

Many of today’s plant-based protein products are convenience-oriented and include products like burgers, sausages and battered products. Alternatives for unprocessed whole-cuts, such as steak, fish filet and chicken breast are missing from the supermarket shelves and in restaurants.

Rival Foods’ mission is to deliver new and exciting plant-based eating experiences worldwide, by creating whole-muscle products. Using our unique shear-cell technology, we produce future-proof alternatives that rival their animal-based counterparts on texture, taste and bite. By joining forces with partners in the food industry, we offer branded food companies the opportunity to lead the market with our mouth-watering whole-cuts.

It all started during co-founder Birgit Dekker’s PhD project at Wageningen University in 2014. Joined by co-founder Ernst Breel in 2019, the adventure of Rival Foods officially took off. Many milestones have been achieved, such as winning the Rabo Duurzame Innovatieprijs in 2020, on-boarding first customers and commissioning our first production technologies.

Our goal is to create products that not only look and taste good, but also feel good. Good for planet, people and animals.