Our Solution

With our unique technology and knowledge on product development, Rival Foods creates whole-cut products that have a remarkable texture, juiciness and clean or clear label. By collaborating closely with multiple ingredient suppliers and flavourhouses, we ensure constant improvement and variations to the existing products in order to develop specially customized products for your company.

Our customers are branded food companies active in plant-based protein markets who aim to expand their product offering horizontally by introducing unique, distinct products. Our solution is to deliver fully developed products and formulations to our customers and enable them to produce these products at higher volumes. Our products are easy to prepare with different cooking methods for all green chefs, professional and home-cooks.

Together with you, we will find the optimal solution, fitting your needs and ideas for the next plant-based products on the shelves. With our technology and formulations, anyone is ready to conquer the plant-based protein transition.

Taste for more?

Interested in our product development and our technology? We are always happy to chat about your ideas and team up to rival animal-based products!