100% plant-based, culinairy whole-cuts, packed with deliciousness.



Big chunks of plant based tenderloin

Perfect to fry in a pan or put on the BBQ or grill. Serve it with some bell pepper and onion or go Hungiarian style with bell pepper sauce and steamed rice. Check out our website for the recipe.

Ingredients: Water, plant protein (wheat protein, soy protein, pea protein), flavorings, salt. All our product contain non-GMO, plant-based ingredients and are antibiotic and cholesterol-free.
Allergens: Contains Soy, Wheat-Gluten

Do you see potential in a new plant based product; we are happy to develop a product for you. Just contact us and we’ll start cooking.



Servings 4 Preparation time 20 minutes Ingredients 4 Rival Foods Sateh skewers 175 gram salted cashew nuts 1 tbsp olive…
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 - We craft food we feel good about


 - We craft food we feel good about


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Rival Foods provides unique specialties to chefs and food professionals to create high-quality plant-based whole-cuts, without compromising on texture, juiciness and taste.
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