• 100% plant based whole-cuts

    Enjoy a superb bite & juiciness

  • Three product categories

    At Sea, On Land, With Wings

  • Natural ingredients

    Responsible & healthy

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Rival Foods

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At Rival Foods we offer a solution to todays food professionals looking to create vegetarian or vegan menu options without compromising on experience or taste: true culinary plant-based whole-cuts which offer unparalelled fibrous texture, rich mouthfeel and high juiciness using minimal ingredients.

Our products can be prepared in a variety of ways, from baking, grilling or frying to marinating, cooking and smoking. You can apply skills and knowledge built up over years to our high-quality plant-based ingredients. You can re-create existing dishes using animal-free ingredients, or push the limits of your creativity and create unparalelled new experiences!

Rival foods currently offers products in three categories: At Sea, On Land and With Wings. These categories reflect similar textures when compared to fish, red meat and white meat products, respectively.

Rival Foods On Land

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Rival Foods

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