Next-gen plant-based solutions

With higher urgency as ever, the existing protein food supply chain is under pressure by governments, industry-leaders and consumers to transform to a more sustainable, friendly system. This tremendous challenge will need the effortless actions of many people, organizations and companies, world-wide. Rival Foods provides a unique solution to food companies world-wide to create plant-based alternatives to the highest quality meat, fish and poultry products, without compromising on texture, juiciness and taste. By collaborating with innovative multinationals, Rival Foods’ products can positively impact the choices consumers make at large scale, world-wide, and promote a more plant-based diet.

About us

Rival Foods is founded with the mission to let people world-wide enjoy plant-based protein foods without compromises. We develop products using our unique, proprietary technologies. We deliver fully developed products to our customers and also enable them to produce these products at higher volumes. Our customers are branded food companies active in world-wide plant-based protein markets and aim to expand their product offering horizontally by introducing unique, distinct products.

RIval Foods can create whole-cut products that have a remarkable texture, juiciness and clean or clear label, the ideal proposition for our customers to expand into the plant-based whole-cut product domain.