• 100% plant based whole-cuts

    Enjoy a superb bite & juiciness

  • Three product categories

    At Sea, On Land, With Wings

  • Natural ingredients

    Responsible & healthy


Rival Foods

Our approach

At Rival Foods we offer a solution to today’s food professionals looking to create vegetarian or vegan menu options without compromising on experience or taste. They are true culinary plant-based whole-cuts which offer; an unparalleled fibrous texture, rich mouthfeel and high juiciness using minimal ingredients.

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Rival Foods

Rival Foods Lab cooking

OostNL supports Rival Foods

Where most animal protein analogue products are substitutes for burgers or sausages, Rival Foods creates plant-based alternatives for whole-muscle products,…

The Good Food Institute Rival Foods

The Good Food Institute Competitive Research Grant awarded to Rival Foods

Transforming the global food system is more critical than ever. Rival Foods is dedicated to accelerate the transformation to a…

Rival Foods World Food Center

Rival Foods @ World Food Center

These days consumers pay more attention to food than anything else. The World Food Center located in Ede brings together…

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