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Introducing: Our Plant-Based Pulled Chicken

As a widely recognized and favored meat option, Chicken holds a prominent position as one of the most consumed animal protein sources globally. Being a highly versatile meat product, chicken can be found in a variety of forms and preparation methods.

One of which is shredding the cooked meat in order to create so-called pulled chicken. The rise of its popularity is due to its juicy and tender texture, adaptability in various dishes, and the increasing preference for wholesome, protein-centric meals. However, industrial chicken breeding causes severe environmental concerns just as deforestation, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable Food Innovation

Unsurprisingly, Rival Foods has developed a plant-based alternative that doesn’t only significantly reduce the environmental production impacts but also recreates the beloved juiciness of pulled chicken while showing a very similar nutrient level as its meat-based counterpart.

Next to its authentic protein level of over 27g, based on a mix of pea, wheat, and soy, our vegan Pulled Chicken consists of a total of only seven non-GMO ingredients that are free of additives. Using our self-developed technology allows us to recreate the unique tenderness of meat products, which makes it a great choice for a variety of cuisines and dishes.

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More than Burgers & Wraps

Pulled Chicken is especially popular as a topping on burgers served with barbecue sauce, although there are many other dishes to explore. Thanks to its versatility, our plant-based pulled chicken can be served for various meals and diets.

Likewise, the preparation couldn’t be easier. Either heat it in the pan with some sunflower oil until it turns golden brown or grill our plant-based chicken alternative in the oven to get some extra crispiness. Once it has your preferred texture, just add your favorite BBQ sauce to make a traditional pulled chicken, or try it with a dressing in your next salad.

Three Pulled Chicken Recipes

1. Poké Bowl

More and more Bowl shops pop up in numerous countries and yet most of them use salmon, chicken, or tofu as their main protein source. We, therefore, suggest our sustainable and healthy solution to create a unique Poké Bowl different from anything out there. Just add some of our plant-based Pulled Chicken to your favorite bowl ingredients to enjoy a protein-packed and hearty version of your favorite meal.

2. Tacos

Traditionally eaten with ground beef, tacos don’t have the healthiest reputation, even though the all-time classic is one of the most iconic dishes of the Mexican cuisine. Since nutritious plant-based options are still rare to find, we can strongly recommend trying our vegan topping on your next taco. Simply top your filling with some of our pulled chicken to get an extra portion of delicious and juicy protein. We recommend adding some guacamole and plant-based sour cream!

3. Loaded Fries

Tired of boring fries as an unhealthy side dish? Then load up your fries with some fresh ingredients and top it with our plant-based chicken alternative. As shown, this increasingly popular snack perfectly fits the hearty flavor of pulled chicken and can be complemented with some additional beans, red onion, jalapeños, cherry tomatoes, and topped with plant-based cheese.


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