100% plant-based, culinairy whole-cuts, packed with deliciousness.

Tuna Steak


Grill it in the pan and enjoy without any guilt.

We have recreated an authentic tuna alternative that is rich in protein and as juicy as you are used to. The only difference? It doesn’t harm our oceans, and it’s 100% cruelty-free!

Ingredients: Water, plant protein (wheat protein, soy protein, pea protein), flavorings, salt. All our products contain non-GMO, plant-based ingredients and are antibiotic and cholesterol-free.
Allergens: Contains Soy, Wheat-Gluten

To enrich our diverse product portfolio even more, our team is currently developing plant-based versions of Tuna Steak as well as Tenderloin, which will be launched soon. Would you like to be notified once our new products are ready or do you see potential in a new plant-based product? We are happy to develop a product for you!

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Tuna Steak

Servings 4 Preparation time 30 minutes Ingredients 4 Rival Foods tuna steaks 100 gr Violife butter with sea salt (vegan)…
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