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There was a significant rise in the popularity of plant-based meat alternatives in recent years. The growing demand for environmentally friendly and cruelty-free food products resulted in the foundation of several new business innovations.

While most companies use similar production techniques to create plant-based meat alternatives in the processed meat category, such as burgers, sausages and minced meat, Rival Foods is focused on the other 50% of the meat market the so-called whole-cuts. These products are packed with natural ingredients that recreate the texture, juiciness, and flavor in an authentic way. Good for planet, people and animals.

The Background Story

It all began in 2014 when our co-founder Birgit Dekkers started researching the technological opportunities of plant-based proteins and how to create textures with them. After finalizing her PhD project at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, physicist and engineer Ernst Breel joined Birgit to co-found Rival Foods in 2019. Ever since our start-up engaged numerous employees that work tirelessly on the development and commercialization of our plant-based meat alternatives driven by the need to restore our food system.


In addition to contributing to sustainable and healthy nutrition, the core mission of Rival Foods is to accelerate the protein transition and to revolutionize the food industry by introducing plant-based products that suit any type of cuisine and any type of diet. Therefore, we aim to cooperate with a variety of commercial customers in order to make our products internationally accessible to a wide range of consumers.  We craft foods, we feel good about: plant-based foods without compromises.


Research and development of the Rival Foods team over the past years resulted in the production of the following four products:

Chicken Filet

As one of the most consumed animal-derived meats that is being served all over the world, the plant-based chicken filet is undoubtedly our most versatile food product. Whether you enjoy a refreshing Caesar Salad or simply put it on a burger bun, our chicken filet can serve as a main component in a variety of meals. The combination of texture, nutritiousness, and flavor makes our plant-based chicken filet an excellent choice for your next menu.

Plant-Based Chicken Breast Filet

Boneless Ribs

The all-time classic is a popular dish for old and young, although rib fingers are your guilty pleasure. We have recreated the unique texture and juiciness of ribs by only using healthy and sustainable ingredients. Together with our marinade, you won’t miss the good old stickiness of rib fingers while enjoying the whole piece without cracking your teeth on a rib bone.

Pulled Chicken & Pulled Pork

Being known for its highly time-consuming preparation methods, pulled meat is surely not the most convenient product for food service. For that reason, we have developed pork as well as chicken-inspired plant-based versions that are as juicy and hearty as the original. Just add some pulled on a taco, burger or wrap and serve your customers the environmentally friendly meat alternative.

Under Development

To enrich our diverse product portfolio even more, our team is currently developing plant-based versions of Tuna Steak as well as Tenderloin which will be launched soon. Would you like to be notified once our new products are ready? Sign up for our newsletter and never miss an update again!


Who we are

Our office is based in the Dutch city of Amersfoort, where our team of engineers, food developers, as well as commercial managers, jointly work on providing the highest possible product and service quality to our customers. Since we are an ambitious and fast-growing company, we are always looking for experienced people that would like to join our team and therewith contribute to a sustainable future of the food industry.

We have an ambitious and international team

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Rival Foods provides unique specialties to chefs and food professionals to create high-quality plant-based whole-cuts, without compromising on texture, juiciness and taste.
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