Towards meat analogues with bite

Rival Foods On Land

The Dutch popular science webmagazine Scientias recently published an article featuring the research line of Prof. Dr. Atze Jan van der Goot on structuring of plant proteins using shear cell technology and Rival Foods commercializing shear cell technology.

Ernst Breel, co-founder of Rival Foods, explains that Rival Foods is developing the production process and end products in three product categories: At Sea, On Land and With Wings. In each category texture is the key differentiator. The texture of At Sea mimicks the fine and layered texture of fish fillets, On Land mimicks the heterogenous fibrous texture of red meat products and With Wings mimicks the finer, more homogenous texture of white meat products.

Our texture are completely different compared to existing products. We believe texture is the new taste.

Ernst Breel, Co-Founder of Rival Foods

Rival Foods explains currently production process development is a key priority, and first products are expected to be shipped starting in July 2020. This will be at very small scale still, which will gradually be axpanded as soon as the process can be scaled up.

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Rival Foods wins EP&C prize

Rival Foods wins prize

Last thursday EP&C celebrated their 80-year anniversary in Maarssen. Additional to interesting workshops and general lectures EP&C initiated a pitch session titled “Masters of the Future”, where innovative tech-starters had a chance to pitch their innovation to all guests. In this competition Rival Foods won the first prize worth E 10.000,-, being elected with over 40% of all votes. Winning this prize helps to make the culinary food products of Rival Foods a reality sooner rather than later!

Read the full post on the website of EP&C.

Rival Foods on air!

Rival Foods at NPO Radio1

During the opening of the academic year StartLife, the incubator for spin-off companies at Wageningen University & Research, was invited to put forward a few startups to discuss innovation around the themes biodiversity, sustainability and food during the Nieuws & Co broadcast of NPO Radio 1 (Dutch). Birgit Dekkers explained how we challenge the status-quo and work towards a more competitive alternative protein sector.

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Chefs @ Rival Foods

Chefs Rival Foods

Rival Foods develops, produces and sells plant-based protein food products that provide unique value for gastronomy markets such as restaurants, hotels and catering. The unique product offering results from the unique process offered by Rival Foods, enabling the creation of large, fibrous, juicy slabs of plant-based whole-cuts that rival the cooking and eating experience offered by traditional animal protein.

In order to achieve the best possible results Rival Foods works together with chefs and food professionals to search for the most promising ingredients, recipes and process conditions that results in revolutionary market-leading products.

To initiate interations on the early-stage prototypes Rival Foods hosts chef’s sessions on a regular basis. In these sessions chefs and food professionals are invited to experience our products, test cooking techniques and create own (plant-based) dishes, providing very tasty results so far!

In case you are a chef or food professional, and you like to work with our products, feel free to get in touch!